General Injection Material

Item Material Name Range of Application
1 ABS Plastic Auto Parts, Plastic Cover of Electronic , Plastic Shell of Electronic
2 PA6 Plastic Bearing, Plastic Framework
3 PA12 Plastic Cam, Plastic Slipcover
4 PA66 Plastic Cover, Plastic Shell, Auto Plastic Parts
5 PBT Auto Parts, Plastic Products of Electronic, Family Plastic Products 
6 PC Plastic Container, Plastic Shell
7 HDPE Plastic Blow Molding Products, Plastic Container, Plastic Pallet, Plastic Toys
8 LDPE Plastic Bowl, Plastic Connector
9 PET Plastic Shell for Hand Tool, Plastic Shell of Pump
10 POM Plastic Shell of Pump
11 PVC Plastic Framework, Plastic Shell of Electronic
12 PP Plastic Bottle, Plastic Cup, Plastic Basin, Plastic Bucker