What is the usability test of plastic products and how should plastic manufacturers conduct the test?

What is the usability test of plastic products and how should plastic manufacturers conduct the test? 

The usability test of plastic product refers to the test method for plastic manufacturer to place Plastic Products in the actual use environment or simulated use environment and comprehensively check their various use performance. 

Since usability is for specific plastic parts, it is best to use the plastic parts themselves for testing to obtain more accurate and reliable data. However, for some large or expensive plastic parts, such as some parts of large petrochemical equipment, it is not convenient to use them for practical use tests. The cost is also high. Therefore, similar products with smaller size and simpler shape and structure can be used to replace the plastic parts themselves for testing, and the results obtained are then subjected to corresponding processing. 

In addition, the practical use tests conducted by plastic factory is mostly conducted on test devices that can reflect the most important factors affecting the use performance of plastic parts, not all of their performance. During the test, in order to shorten the test time and improve efficiency, various acceleration test measures are often adopted, that is, to obtain the test results of the plastic part in a shorter time. For example, to assess the corrosion resistance of a plastic part, the plastic part can be placed in the environmental conditions where it will be, but the concentration, temperature and pressure of the corrosive agent should be increased to accelerate the corrosion process. In this way, the test results can be obtained in a short time. For example, to assess the wear resistance of plastic sliding bearings, a test bench that simulates the working environment temperature, load and sliding speed of the sliding bearing can be designed. The wear of the bearing can be accelerated by increasing the environmental temperature and increasing the load, and the test results can be used to infer the working life of the sliding bearing in the use environment. 

If conditions permit, the best way for injection molding manufacturer to conduct a practical use test is to place the tested plastic parts in the actual working environment and assess the comprehensive impact of various environmental factors on the performance changes and service life of the plastic parts. For example, the plastic gear can be directly installed in the gearbox, and the performance changes of the plastic gear can be measured by visual inspection and special detection devices. Then, the observation results can be used to evaluate the performance of plastic gear such as wear resistance in the use environment. Using this method to conduct practical use tests on injection molding products does not require the design of special test equipment, and the test results are closer to reality. However, the time required for the test is generally long, and the actual environmental conditions are complex and the influencing factors are many, which will undoubtedly bring many difficulties to the analysis of the regularity of the influence on the change of the use of plastic parts. 

Since the environment of the practical use test is the same as or close to the use environment, it has great practical value. This test has the characteristics of final evaluation for plastic quality control.

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