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Injection Molding

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Blow Molding

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Roto Molding

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Mold Making

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Plastic Products

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Tel: +86-21-61557422
Address:Room 1303, Building 28, New JinQiao Road, PuDong, Shanghai, China 201206

Cost Control

cost control

Generally, after receiving your RFQ, we will ask 5-8 factories for quotations. At the same time, our engineer will ‎analyse the cost by himself. We will then compare our cost with quotations we received, and choose an appropriate price for you to checking. We also will send the profile of the factory to you together with the price. Because you know some factories are big, and some are small, this will affect the final price, and the company's the profile might be helpful for you to choose your best deal.

We think the above steps have some advantages for you.

  1. Our engineer analyses the price first, so we can ensure the price is reliable.
  2. With quotations from 5-8 factories, we can have a range of prices.
  3. With the profile of the company, you can have better knowledge of the factory that interests you.